Elevation Station Baby Mama

“Little pink plus sign in my face.  He walked out the door into outerspace.  What I am gonna do with this baby?” – 17 year old Baby Mama

Sex.  How do we talk about it to teenagers?  Do we avoid the topic because it makes them and us uncomfortable?  Do we get it out into the open forum to help our youth get comfortable with uncomfortableness?  Do we support the people in our lives who make mistakes?  Do we help them or send them to lay in the bed they made?  Do we show the love they need to make the choice they need to make?

Challenge:  Talk about sex.  It is a part of human nature and who we are.  Respect sex.  Respect bodies.  Set the example for the young generations that are turning into the people that lead us, make laws in our nation, and raise our grandchildren.

Make it a better tomorrow,



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