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Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen a group of birds flying in a v-shaped pattern?  Do you know the reason the birds fly in this way?  Most flocks of birds fly in this way.  One bird is the leader of the flock.  When the leader gets tired, it drops out of position and another bird takes the lead.  The rest of the body of the flock in v-formation is built that way for a purpose also.  The leader leads and begins to pass along a current of air to the other members of the flock.  By using the strength of the current that the leader set in motion, the rest of the flock is uplifted and has more strength to finish the journey ahead.

We, too, are like a flock of birds.  We look to leaders in our lives from time to time for inspiration and help in our journey.  Sometimes we are the leader for those around us.  We experience highs and lows together.  We lift each other up through our words and our deeds.  And, sometimes, we need to step back and rely on the strength of those around us.

Word lift us up.  Words move us forward.  The journey of life is meant to be a collection of experiences molding us into the person who we are meant to be.  Success on the journey will be attained through our own efforts, attitude, and determination.  The words of others inspire us to move forward along the way.

I am a simple, complicated girl who enjoys family, business, marketing, writing, and great leaders.  Thanks for taking the time to read The Elevation Station today.

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No matter what circumstances life brings to you there is always room for inspirational thoughts to focus your mind.  It takes conscious effort to keep our minds thinking higher thoughts in today’s world of distractions.  Success on the journey takes daily inspiration.  Stay tuned into The Elevation Station for a daily dose of positive thinking to elevate you on your journey into the future.

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  1. I love your blog name and your vision. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope your family’s doing well. Wish you all the best for the New Year!

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